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How it works?

Fill your pocket with over a dozen native English speaker conversation partners who can help you gain valuable English conversation practice in various life-like situations!

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Who is it for?

The application was specifically developed with those in mind who can already write letters in English and are good at understanding English texts but feel anxious or uncertain when they have to speak up in this language.

Why us?

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Continuous availability

Native conversation partners who are available anywhere and anytime to practice English conversation with you.

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Hands-free use

Continue to practice with the app even when your hands are full and you can’t look at the phone (e.g. on your way to work, stuck in traffic in your car or at home during your coffee break).

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Help functions

The app offers great support (native English summaries, monolingual dictionaries, exercises, etc.).

25 000+
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Awards and recognitions

Vodafone award

We won a Vodafone Digital Award in 2022

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Educational App Store award

5-star evaluation from the Educational App Store

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We are a finalist of the British Council ELTons Awards

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Well, I just discovered this app and I think it's amazing. Being able to interact with your voice to learn and practice in a much needed way is great. The talent behind the app is evident. Thank you very much.

- David San Miguel Dominguez

Very nice app! Been using it for a while now, and it certainly helped me to improve my english speaking skills. Really easy to use with on-screen controls, and voice commands. Speech recognition working correctly, my absolute favourite was the flexible mode. I can only recommend the app!

- Bodnár Ferenc

Unbelievably good, it helped a lot in language learning, both at the class level and at the language exam level.

- Áron Tivadar Pojendán

Congratulations!  Excellent and really useful APP! I'll show it to my students. I'm sure they will enyoy it because it's fun, useful and modern. Well done!  Agnes Nagy (English teacher from Hungary: Bekescsaba)

- Ágnes Nagy
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I’m Mrs Szatmári Judit Majoros and I am responsible for developing the Talk@Ease methodology

Over the last nearly 20 years I have had many English students approach me with the same problem, which might also hinder your co-workers’ day-to-day work: they can express themselves in English in writing but feel uncertain when they have to speak in English. Talk@Ease uses conversations with native English speakers to help practice verbal communication, providing your co-workers with valuable conversation practice. In addition, this routine gives them enough confidence to speak up when using English in real-life conversation situations.

Package offers

5 free lessons
Dialogues and practicing exercises
Grammar help and mini vocabulary for each lesson
Monthly recurring subscription
2.59 € / month*
3 month recurring subscription
5.99 €*
2.00 € / month
6 month recurring subscription
10.99 €*
1.83 € / month
All content of the free package AND:
50+ lessons
A new lesson every other week
Unsubscribe anytime
Premium User Club membership (online speaking practice events)
* The actual price and currency depending on your country

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